About Us

We want your experience to last forever. We offer the quality you deserve.

Espacio MIL500 brings together design, safety and authenticity to offer you a service like you have never experienced before. Each one of our spaces is fitted for different capacities and we have strategic partnerships with the best local suppliers to host social and corporate events.

At Torre Americas 500, art and design are constant inside and out. The tower is surrounded by a lattice planned and executed by artist Jorge Mendez Blake and called Dismantled Language. “It is inspired by the idea of dismantling language, separating it from its utmost basic elements and taking them back to their primary state, prior to articulated language. It does not try to say anything, or express something, but to return to the beginning of communication.”

Grand Salon

The grand salon ESPACIO MIL500 is a 1015 square meter space that can be transformed into 9 different rooms, each with a different capacity according to the occasion.


Don’t miss the magnificent views from our terraces on Américas and Mediterráneo streets. One is 939 m2 and the other is 301 m2 and they are there for you to enjoy. 

If you still don’t know which is the ideal space for your event, download LAYOUT views with the exact measurements and distribution of each space.


Espacio MIL500 is located in Torre Americas 500, a LEED Certified and US Green Building Council validated venue. This certificate is issued to sustainable buildings that:

Reduce operational and maintenance costs
Reduce environmental impact
Increase property value
Promote resident/guest health and well-being.
Espacio MIL500 additional features:
Functional spaces
1,200 parking spaces
Forklift truck
Air conditioning
Mounting points
Direct access to rooms from elevators
State-of-the-art technology
Wireless internet